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Cache: 2024-7-7_11-0
Loop, Visual sheets settings, Turkish translation
  • Added looping of section for practice/playing/approaching mode
  • The notes of the section to repeat can now be also be written as a number
  • Added ability to hide notes in practice mode, to help you test your memory of the song
  • You can now select how many chunks to show in the visual sheet
  • Added Turkish translation
Indonesian, Portuguese translations
  • Added Indonesian and Portuguese translation
  • Bug fixes to MIDI connection
  • Bug fixes on old iOS devices
  • Added chinese translation, we are looking for translators!
  • Added button to install app to home screen
  • Added custom keyboard layout as a note name type
  • Added "your keyboard layout" note name type, which uses your device's keyboard layout
  • Bug fixes and improvements
Audio/Video transcription, reverb
  • Added tool in the composer to convert audio/video to a sheet
  • Reverb now can be set for each instrument
  • Added quick settings in the zen keyboard
  • Added customisable presets in MIDI settings
  • Improved MIDI connection
  • Zen keyboard now emits MIDI notes events when pressed
  • Changed Sky Music Nightly icon
  • Added app's blog
  • Other bug fixes and improvements
Shortcuts, Do Re Mi, performance, Layers
  • All shortcuts and keyboard layout are now customizable
  • Added Do Re Mi layout with note shifting
  • Rewrote app in next.js, improving performance and navigation
  • Improved theming in the composer
  • Added opacity to the composer and custom layers colors
  • Added new visual sheet format with more info
  • Added song search
  • Increased composer layers limit to 52
  • Improved composer sliding controls
  • (Sky) Added new instruments: TR-909, BassSynth, SineSynth and ChimesSynth
  • Changed the file formats so they can be double clicked to open
  • Added export as zip file
  • Added two new default themes
  • Added lookahead settings to the composer to improve audio accuracy
  • Other bug fixes and improvements
Aurora, transparency and layouts
  • Added aurora (Sky)
  • Added switch/playstation layouts (Sky)
  • Added backup warnings
  • Added tranparency to themes
  • Other bug fixes and improvements
Performance and bug fixes
  • Fixed an IOS bug preventing audio from playing
  • Improved performance for users that have many songs
  • Added tempo changer quick selection in the composer tools
  • Other bug fixes and improvements
VSRG mode, Zen keyboard, Calls and more!
  • Added VSRG mode to compose and play vsrg songs
  • Added Zen keyboard, where you can simply focus on playing by hand
  • Added Visual sheet to the player
  • Added app scaling
  • Added alphabetical folder ordering
  • Added backup page
  • (Genshin) added vintage lyre
  • (Sky) Added SFX of the calls and dance emote
  • Changed metronome sounds
  • Improved player performance
  • Multi type export, you can now export/import songs, folders, themes etc
  • Fixed bug that would remove a song from the folder when saved
  • Fixed bug that would not play audio
  • Fixed issues when opening/saving songs in the composer
  • Fixed bug in pasting notes in the composer
  • Exporting a song would not work in sky music and sky studio
  • Other bug fixes and improvements
More Composer layers and UI rework
  • Increased instrument limit in the composer to 30
  • Redesigned the tools in the composer
  • Added UNDO to the composer tools
  • Added paste/insert to certain layer
  • Added tool to move notes up/down
  • Added metronome in player
  • Added multiple instruments in player
  • Added more tooltips, also for mobile
  • Bug fixes and improvements
Song rename, MIDI export, folders
  • Added option to rename songs
  • Song names are not unique anymore
  • Added folders and new song menu UI
  • Added MIDI export of a song (DO NOT USE INSTEAD OF NORMAL FORMAT)
  • Improved song playback in the player
  • Fixed some bugs
Light guitar & Tooltips
  • Added tooltips
  • Added help buttons
  • Added Light guitar (Sky, notes can't be held)
  • Bug fixes for main page loading songs
  • Added drag and drop in the composer
  • Composer on pc now resizes with the page
  • Fixed some bugs
Composer improvements
  • Improved the rendering of the composer to be sherper and easier to see on mobile
  • Improved performance in the composer
  • Added 4th layer in the composer
  • Added theming of more parts of the composer
  • App rewrite in TypeScript
  • Bug fixes
Multi Slider and Themes
  • Added app themes, fully customise the look of the app
  • Added start and end slider for selecting which part of the song to play/practice
  • Bug fixes
MIDI Keyboard and Performance
  • Added MIDI Keyboard support on all pages with custom layouts and shortcuts
  • Big performance improvements of main page
  • Added note names to sheet visualizer and empty cells
  • Added ABC format
  • Added Panflute (Sky)
  • UI improvements and bug fixes
Sheet visualizer
  • Added sheet visualizer
  • Changed timeline behaviour when dragging the scroll bar
  • Improved performance by 2 times in some places
  • UI improvements and bug fixes
Zither and icons
  • Changed note icon and animation (Genshin)
  • Added Help page
  • Changed zither audio (Genshin)
  • UI improvements
Home menu and pages
  • Restructured code
  • Added opacity to some elements
  • Changed margins and padding of some elements
  • Added home page
  • Added Partners page
  • Added shortcuts for main page
  • Fixed loading bug in composer and main page
  • Added Donate page
Approaching circles
  • Added Approaching cirlces mode, a new way to learn a song, or a way to challange yourself. You can find it in the main page, next to the practice button
  • Rewrite of the main page to increase overall performance
  • Added changelog page
  • Added audio recording feature in main page and composer
  • Added tabs autoplay (composer) on pc as a setting
  • Added note animations when pressing the note
  • Added possibility to change background image from URL
  • Updated info page
  • In the composer you can now press shift + note name to add a note
  • In the composer you can press up/down keys to change layer
  • While in the composer on PC, you can now add new notes by simply pressing the PC keyboard while in "playing" mode
  • (For genshin) Added Zither
  • Added back "do re mi" format
Performance tweaks
  • Performance of composer improved by 2x
  • Added note names for genshin (made it a setting)
  • Fixed instrument volume bug
  • Fixed keyboard layout issues
  • Fixed other small bugs
MIDI import
  • Added to both Sky and Genshin music nightly the MIDI import feature

    - Music track selection (select or deselect which tracks to include)

    - Instrument track selection (select what instrument to give to each track)

    - Track info (get info on how successful your parsing was, accidentals and notes out of range)

    - Change note offset (in case that the song is outside of the octaves available)

Song library
  • Added song library integration, directly import songs from the app (700+ songs)
  • Bug fixes
New audio files
  • Changed audio files
  • Added ocarina
  • Removed support button in TWA
  • Bug fixes
Bug fixes and PWA
  • (For sky) Fixed bug where sheets couldn't be imported in sky studio
  • Changed app install to more modern approach with description and images
Sheets compatibility
  • (For sky) Added backwards compatibility for sheets, now sheets made in sky music nightly can be imported into sky music and sky studio (with some losses)
  • Bug fixes
  • General improvement in performance
  • 3 Instruments composition
  • Better performance than previous version
  • Better practice tool
  • Better interface
  • Breakpoints for the composer
  • New features for both composer and main page
  • Feature rich customisability to make learning and composition easier