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Info about the app
In this page you will find an explaination for what all the buttons in the app do and how to use them.

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If you are on PC, hover over the buttons to see a tooltip, if you are on mobile, long press the buttons. When clicking the
Example help
it will show you more info.
Main page
tutorial for the main page
  1. Record the keyboard as an audio file
  2. The selection where you want the song to start/end
  3. Playback speed
  4. Restart the song from the selected starting point
  5. Practice tool note, you should press this note
  6. Practice tool note, this will need to be clicked after all the red ones
  7. Public Song library
  8. Your songs
  9. Open the Page selection menu
Main page shortcuts
The main page has shortcuts for PC users:
Shift + R
reload song
Shift + C
Start/Stop recording when there are no songs playing
Shift + M
Open/Close the menu
Close the menu
Shift + S
stop song
tutorial for the composer
  1. Go to the next / previous breakpoint
  2. Timeline of the breakpoints
  3. Open the tools
  4. Add 16 columns to the end
  5. Remove the current selected column
  6. Add column after the current one
  7. Layer (instrument) selection
  8. Change column's duration
Composer shortcuts
The composer has shortcuts for PC users:
A / D
move left / right
1 / 2 / 3 / 4
change tempo
Space bar
play / pause song
Arrow Left
go to previous breakpoint
Arrow Right
go to next breakpoint
Arrow Up
select previous layer
Arrow Down
select next layer
Shift + Note
Adds/remove a note in the column
remove current column
add column
When playing a song, you can press on the PC keyboard to add notes